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As you may have already heard, Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has resigned from Justin Trudeau's cabinet.

Trudeau’s shady ethics and inability to do the right thing has thrown his whole government into chaos.

He promised Canadians an open and transparent government, but he has failed to deliver.

Instead, Canadians are getting stonewalled by him at every turn.

We all deserve better.

Hon. Wilson-Raybould’s resignation has made it clear that Justin Trudeau is trying to hide the truth from Canadians.

Monday, he tried to reassure Canadians that nothing unethical took place.

In fact, he even said, "her presence in cabinet should actually speak for itself."

Given how that has now changed, we can only conclude otherwise.

Justin Trudeau needs to let Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould speak.

Canadians deserve to hear what she has to say.

She is clearly ready to speak, going so far as to seek legal counsel to explore her options.

But she shouldn’t have to go that far.

That is why Conservatives are calling on Trudeau to waive his solicitor-client privilege and let Hon. Wilson-Raybould tell her side of the story.

The longer he refuses, the guiltier he appears.


We hereby call on the Prime Minister to waive privilege and let her speak

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