Press Release: Conservative Motion to Create Special Committee

Today, the Members of Parliament voted against the Conservative Party’s motion to create a ’Special Committee’ with a mandate to review questionable spending and practices by the government, including unanswered questions related to the WE Charity Scandal.  


Our motion was clear that the creation of a ‘Special Committee’ was not a matter of Confidence.  In fact, in over 150 years, the establishment of a committee has never been a confidence motion in Canada. 

Canadians don’t want and election.  This is not the time for an election.  I want to be clear that today’s Conservative motion was never about bringing down the government and forcing an election.  In fact, the only one threatening to call an election was the Prime Minister. 

Contrary to what others would have you believe, this motion would not paralyze the government’s ability to do their work.  In fact, by establishing this special committee all other committees would have been able to focus on their own mandated work, and they would have been able to refer questionable spending they discover to the special committee.

I ran to serve and am honoured to be the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre.  I am committed to my Constituents, and to work hard and fight for what Canada needs.  An important part of our job as a sitting Members of the Opposition, is to hold the Government accountable for all spending especially during the pandemic and get the answers that Canadians deserve.   An example of this, is our continued pressure on the Prime Minister on the need for rapid testing, support for workers and small businesses, and a real plan to get through the second wave

While I am disappointed that our motion failed and that the Prime Minister made it a Matter of Confidence, I am committed to continuing to work hard for you under the leadership of Hon. Erin O’Toole.  We strongly believe all Members of Parliament should be focused on helping Canadians through the pandemic and ensuring that you get what you need during these difficult times.