James Cumming Appointed Shadow Minister for Small Business and Export Promotion

Today, James Cumming, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre was
appointed Shadow Minister for Small Business and Export Promotion.

“It is an honor to be named Shadow Minister for Small Business and Export Promotion,” said
Cumming following the announcement. “I look forward to holding the Liberal government to
account on their attempts to strengthen small businesses across the country and reinforce the great
role that small business entrepreneurs have in Canadian economy”.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our society and the main drivers behind jobs creation, so
necessary in my home province of Alberta, but also in every municipality and township all over
Canada. We must work together with small business owners instead of attacking them like this
Liberal government has done so until now.”

MP Cumming brings with him a vast experience in the private sector, previously having served as
President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the largest urban chamber of
commerce in Canada. He has spent most of his career leading and owning small and medium-sized