MP James Cumming introduces Private Member's Bill

Today, MP James Cumming introduced his Private Member's Bill, C-229, to repeal the West Coast Shipping Ban.


Ottawa, ON – Today, James Cumming, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre and Conservative Shadow Minister for Small Business and Export Promotion, introduced Bill C-229, An Act to repeal certain restrictions on shipping. This bill will repeal the Liberal government’s shipping ban Bill C-48, helping clear the way to getting Canadian energy workers back to work and Canada’s economy back on track.


“For the past four years, Canada’s energy industry has been repeatedly attacked by the Trudeau Liberals. Billions of dollars’ worth of energy projects have left Canada as a result of Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership and his government’s anti-energy policies like Bill C-48, the Liberals’ Shipping Ban, and the No More Pipelines Bill C-69,” said MP Cumming. “Trudeau canceled the Northern Gateway project, killed Energy East, and chased away investors before buying the Trans Mountain Expansion with $4.5 billion of taxpayers’ money, only to let the project languish.  Now Trudeau’s death by delay tactics have killed the Teck Frontier Mine project and cost Albertans thousands of good paying jobs.”


The Liberals’ Shipping Ban does nothing to protect the environment – it’s simply a ban on pipelines and a ban on Canadian exports. Capping the amount of oil that can be shipped off of BC’s northern coast effectively kills the possibility of pipeline expansions to that area, and the ability to increase exports to new markets.


“Bill C-48 was another step in Justin Trudeau’s plan to ‘phase out’ our energy sector, without actually taking any real action to protect the environment,” MP Cumming said. “Repealing the Shipping Ban is an important step towards diversifying Canada’s export markets for oil and gas and is critical to putting Canadian energy workers back to work and getting our economy back on track.”


MP Cumming continued, “Canada is spiraling out of control. Teck’s decision to withdraw their Frontier Mine application this week is yet another consequence of Trudeau’s weak leadership, and his anti-energy policies like the Shipping Ban. The Liberal assault on Canada’s energy workers must end. If the Liberals care about Canadians who work in the energy industry at all, they will support this bill, repeal their Shipping Ban and stop vilifying Canada’s energy industry.”




“The current state of regulatory affairs in Canada is dysfunctional. The Federal Government fails to recognize the jurisdiction of the Provinces when it comes to resource development creating uncertainty and driving away investors.  Bill C-48 is just another example of the Federal Government not recognizing the important role Canadian oil and gas plays on a global scale. Our oil and gas is produced at the highest standards in the world and need to get to markets. Bill C-48 stands in the way of progress.” Hon. Sonya Savage, Alberta Minister of Energy


“CAPP supports MP Cumming’s Private Member’s Bill to repeal C-48. Bill C-48 was clearly opposed by individuals across the country because they recognize it as an unfair attack to land lock Canadian oil at the expense of the Canadian economy. The oil tanker moratorium targets Canada’s energy sector and blocks the potential export of responsibly-developed Canadian petroleum products to our trading partners in international markets. The result is self-inflicted damage to the Canadian economy and more oil being used around the world that lacks Canadian environmental and social standards.”  Tim McMillan, President and CEO – CAPP


“The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, also known as Bill C-48, essentially prevents Alberta oil from reaching tidewater in British Columbia and sends a powerful message to investors that they should invest their money elsewhere.”  – Don Scott, Mayor of Wood Buffalo


“Bill C-48 did not consider the important balance between environmental and economic considerations, which is especially concerning given the significant obstacles facing Canada’s Energy Industry. Bill C-48 has been one of the many policies compounding uncertainty and corroding investor confidence in Canada.” – CEPA (Submission to the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications, May 3rd, 2019)


“Bill C-48 prevents Canadian oil from getting to Asian markets, and directly hurts the Alberta, Saskatchewan and coastal B.C. economies – including several indigenous groups that are dead-set against this bill. Couching this bill as protecting the coastal environment is ultraselective, hypocritical and, put simply: unfair to some Canadians over others.” – Martha Hall Findlay, former President of the Canada West Foundation (Globe and Mail, April 12th, 2019)