James Cumming
for Edmonton Centre

James Cumming

For Edmonton Centre

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Our country is at a crossroads. After years of Liberal mismanagement, Canadians not only feel like they're standing still, but falling behind. We've seen the critical lack of leadership in Ottawa produce a litany of harmful policies that make little economic or environmental sense, and are disproportionately hard on Alberta. The time is now for strong conservative leaders to step up and lead, which is why I'm eager to earn your trust and vote in Edmonton Centre.

As the former President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the largest urban chamber in Canada, I am ready to fight for policies that will create good jobs and attract investment. In many ways, Edmonton Centre is a prime example of Canadians' entrepreneurial spirit as our riding is home to so many amazing creators and small business people. These folks are ready to thrive and create economic prosperity for generations to come, but they need and deserve a government that will create the conditions they need to succeed, then get out of the way.

Join me, and together we will ensure our riding, province and country remains the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family.

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James grew up, raised his children, and currently resides in the southern part of Edmonton-Centre. James and his wife, Debbie, live a few blocks from the home he and his four siblings grew up in. In this home, James learned from his father, Keith, and his mother, Liz, what hard work and responsibility look like. James has applied those values throughout his career and instilled them in his son and two daughters. Read More

Why I'm Running

Everything I have I owe to my city, my country, and the countless people who have helped me along the way. I’m running to serve the community that has been so good to me.
As Canadians and Edmontonians, we face a critical time in our history. With economic uncertainty threatening our prosperity and standard of living, it’s more important than ever to have the right leaders and experience serving our country in Parliament. Alberta still has an Advantage, and it must be maintained.;

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Where I'm Running

Riding Info

Edmonton Centre

Consisting of that part of the City of Edmonton described as follows: commencing at the intersection of Yellowhead Trail NW (Highway No. 16) with 97 Street NW (Highway No. 28); thence southerly along said street and its southerly production to the right bank of the North Saskatchewan River; thence generally southwesterly along said bank to a point due east of the mouth of an unnamed creek at approximate latitude 53°30'04"N and longitude 113°35'13"W on the left bank of said river; thence due west in a straight line to the mouth of said creek; thence generally northwesterly along said creek to Whitemud Drive NW; thence easterly along said drive to 159 Street NW; thence generally northerly along said street, Meadowlark Road NW and 156 Street NW to the Canadian National Railway; thence generally easterly along said railway to Yellowhead Trail NW (Highway No. 16, west of 121 Street NW); thence easterly along said trail to the point of commencement.

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